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Control Room Consoles, Multi Screen Workstation

Our modular monitoring consoles/ multi screen desk are easy to build with self-assembling, and we also service customized design and a complete solutions. We focus on customer demands and combine the funciton, appearance and ergonomics to derive diversified design, which in order to meet the different requirements from customer and market.

TW series monitoring consoles also made up of A6N01S-T5 aluminum frame to enhance strength and stability and take single form be the main structure. It can increase the single form connection quantity according to users’ demand and combine the back aluminum extrusion, TW accessories can lock on the rail of back aluminum extrusion unrestricted to increase accessories’ flexibility.

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IV series contains the better modular function, which can be freely configured with angle or straight combinations according to the space requirement.

Console desks combined by cabinet to storage files or devices, for increasing application flexibility.

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SC series monitoring consoles made up of A6N01S-T5 aluminum frame to enhance the strength and stability. Its modular design has single, double, triple form and its angle can change components to arrange without restriction. Users can arrange appropriate to fit different environment.

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