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APEX Series

Sit-Stand Console Desk

Sit Stand Consoles, Pro Gaming Desk

  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  • Sit Stand Consoles
  1. Electronic or manual height-adjustable work surfaces for sit-to-stand applications.
  2. Electronic height-adjustable range between 720 and 1120mm (dependent on the technical configuration).
  3. User friendly power and cable management for easy access.
  4. Maintenance free and absolutely reliable lifting mechanism.
  5. Columns are running very quietly and smoothly.
  6. Ideal and absolutely vibration free load balancing through a 2 column system.
  7. Steplessly variable height setting.
  8. Overload protection with individual current limiting.
  9. Programmable height positions.
  10. Customized In-Desk Box outlet distribution bezel for cable porting; Easy for connectivity.
  11. Stand-alone desk system.
  12. Optional mounting arms for up to 3+3 flat-screens.


Electric Operator Sit-Stand Console Desk

Offering different shapes, sizes and configurations; E-MAX has technical furniture expertise and focus on creating customer-specific solutions for control room consoles and desks. APEX Series standard designs that can be used for a wide range of multi-screen applications – using a combination of standard core components and/or complete customized solutions can be developed. Desks are available with options for elec. height adjustment and standard height. We accept customization for worktop, color, and bezel of indesk distribution outlet.

Modern Design
With a tough modular & modern design, the APEX series Console desk is made for toughest 24/7 environments, and is becoming the solution in mission critical applications. Durable laminate worktop surface and a solid steel frame are built to stability even the most intense day-to-day users. Sit-to-Stand height adjustable mechanism meet ergonomic requirement of user.

Electric Height Columns General Features
  • Two columns with Maximum load 3,000N in push
  • Maximum speed at full load 19.0mm/s (with 1,000N in a push condition)
  • Range of height adjustment Trip Stroke 400mm
  • 4 set memory of positions
  • Operational temperature range +5°C~+45°C
APEX series Electric Operator
Sit-Stand Console Desk
Under Desk PC Holder(Optional)
  • Secure your PC under your desk
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable to different sizes of PC
Supports PC's up to 20kg/44.1lbs
Accommodates PC's 30cm to 52cm in height and 13.5cm to 23.5cm width
Cable Management Function
There are power, electronic accessories and cabling rooms in the rear side, which in order to reduce cable outcropped, also increase overall aesthetics and comfort.
Optional Extender Equipment Rack

For extended storage of professional equipment, E-MAX offers a range of modular cabinet products in a variety of configurations and colors so that you can choose a solution that matches your equipment space and keep total visual integrity.
For your customized configurations, we provide a complete range of depths and sizes. Each product built with durable construction to secure your most valuable items. Available with pull handles, wheels, removable convers gasket seals and front and year rails, our equipment racks offer premium functionality that meet the most difficult demands; e.g. EIA/TIA standards, UL compliant.
A comprehensive selection of rack components and accessories - shelves, blank panels, caster, cable management, lock security options, PDUs, cooling systems.....

Optional Pedestal Storage

Pedestal sides have plenty of room for booklet, manual, documents, stationaries...; which are good accessibility and convenience for the user.
The space can be located for palm size device like switches, extender, CPU, power supply, cables....; the holder or bracket can be customized.

Dual Operators Application

APEX-Extra is the model of dual position desk, applied to user's specific requirement of due to space constraints. Each user's position at most can equipped with two 24" flat displays, the desktop have two units of in-Desk interconnect boxes and storages. Each user can have own operation space freely.

Gaming Application

APEX can be customized for variety of requirements in different application areas. Take the gaming desk configuration as example, the PC storage space and headphone hanger had been increased; moreover with organized cabling, enough room for peripherals, flexible multi-monitor set-up; APEX enable a generousamount of space so chaos never becomes an issue.

Other Applications

Dealer desks for trading rooms / Control Rooms / Security Surveillance / Signal Control / Process control management / Emergency response facilities/ Broadcast / News gathering / Post production Edit Suites / Geographic information system (GIS) workstations / Airport: flow, terminal and apron control / Gamming Desk

Industry Sectors

Broadcast & Media / Infrastructure / Utilities / Transport & Traffic / Security / Process control / Corporate & Offices / Education & Training / Corporate AV / Multimedia & Gamming